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Multidisciplinary Autism Assessment

Our Multidisciplinary Autism Assessment, is conducted by both a Psychologist and a Speech and Language Therapist. We adopt a strengths-based neuroaffirmative approach to our assessments. An autism assessment typically involves the following:

  • An initial form completed by parents and submitted via email (to include information about your child’s developmental history)
  • A parent interview to discuss your child’s social, communication and play preferences and experiences related to possible autism (this is typically completed virtually)
  • A play-based assessment  (based on the ADOS-2). This will be a clinic-based appointment.
  • A session with parents to discuss the outcome of the assessment.
  • A comprehensive report outlining your child’s profile of strengths and experiences and the outcome of the assessment in line with the DSM-5 criteria, as appropriate. We will also make specific recommendations for your child, including recommendations for school placements, supports required in school and any therapeutic supports required, as appropriate.
  • Our reports are accepted by the HSE and by schools (the Department of Education).
Cost: €1,650

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