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Cognitive Assessment


 A cognitive assessment explores a child’s developmental history, cognitive/IQ ability and adaptive functioning/ daily living skills. This assessment is completed by a Psychologist and typically involves the following:    

  • An initial form completed by parents and submitted via email (to include information about your child’s developmental history).
  • A review of any previous reports.
  • A parent interview to discuss your child’s development in more detail (this is typically completed via telephone).
  • Adaptive functioning forms completed by parents and preschool/ school teacher (if your child is attending preschool or school).
  • Liaison with preschool/school and/or other professionals to gather information as required.
  • A cognitive assessment with your child in the clinic.
  • A feedback appointment with parents to discuss the outcome of the assessment (this is typically completed virtually).
  • A comprehensive psychological assessment report including recommendations in relation to school placement and required supports.

This assessment is often sought when considering which school placement may be most appropriate and what level of supports may be required in school (i.e. whether your child would benefit from a special school placement or if your child requires access to a Special Needs Assistant).

Cost: €950

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